What is the witchy aesthetic?

Tumblr, Instagram and Pinterest are full of search results for “witchy aesthetic” or “witchy vibes” for items that stir up the inner gothica and mystic-chic inside. From clothing to altars and pendants, what is the witchy aesthetic and what does it constitute? The witchy aesthetic is more of a way of life – regardless of whether you are an occultist, a pagan, a Christian, a Wiccan or even an atheist – that has an affinity towards elements of nature and the Earth, in all its darkness and light. This can manifest in fashion trends (and even here there is a spectrum between dark and somber, and vibrant and light – think of it as the cycles of Earth itself) such as dark graphic tees or moon pendants and accessories, spiritual tools such as athames, crystals, altars, or even more generic home decor and management: gardening, using fresh herbs and produce for kitchen witchcraft, among many other things!

Remember, you don’t have to be religious or even a practitioner of witchcraft to utilize the witchy aesthetic! The witchy aesthetic celebrates life and its diversity in all its beautiful forms. 

What can witchyaesthetic.com do for me?

Our aim here is to celebrate life and the witchy aesthetic in all its forms – fashion, home decor and management, food and cooking, as well as self-expression and development. To do this, we wish to be the home for authentic witchy expression and curate elements that you could incorporate into your daily life – whether you’re a third degree priestess, a budding baby witch or just someone who thinks crystals are beautiful. Most of all, we wish to build a community that can share its love for this beautiful aesthetic, Mother Nature and life’s mysteries. 

What do I do now?

Begin searching through our meticulously curated list of witchy treasures! From the best candles to buy for Imbolc to dark and mystical accessories we know you can’t resist, there is a whole world out there. Explore, fellow witches (and yes, that includes men!) and blessed be.

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Your go-to place for the best in witchy aesthetic – from lighting, to fashion accessories to house decor.

Advice and Guides for the Modern Witch

From a guide to altars, to ritual work, to advice on worship rites – a complete almanac for the modern witch.