What is a Witch’s Garden And How to Grow One?

A Witch’s Garden is a space where magic and nature meet. These types of gardens are focused on having the key herbs and spices that a witch will be using for her rituals, magical meals, or other related matters. Alongside growing selected herbs and spices, a witch will also work with her gods/goddesses or work with a different god that is related to harvest in order to produce herbs with the best magical results. Just like an altar to the gods, a garden altar will include the gods as well as imagery of growth, fertility, and nourishment. This altar would be the intermediary between her and nature, a bridge to connect a witch to the Earth. Most garden altars are rather simple and could just include a mossy rock, or if it is indoors one can collect different elements of nature and group them together (bundle of rocks, fallen leaves, clump of earth, etc.). In addition to a witch’s garden, there is also the concept of involving the elements of the Earth: Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire. A witch can entirely focus on one element and have the herbs and spices related to that element or have a balance of all four or just the ones that she wants to focus on.

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All About Sigil Magick: A Discussion of Beginner-Friendly Magick

Let’s get one thing out of the way – there are many readers and occult-enthusiasts who feel drawn to witchcraft, the supernatural, the occult, and other metaphysical philosophies but ultimately give up because they can’t satisfy the itch of this burning question – is magick even real? How can you prove it is? There is no shame in asking questions. In fact, curiosity, open-mindedness and critical thinking are valuable skills in the domain of the occult. While many mainstream religious ideologies encourage blind obedience and subservience, the beauty of making your very own eclectic path to witchcraft and the occult makes it so that you are well-informed about each step of your practice – what works is left in, what doesn’t is conveniently left out – there is no shame in experimenting. But let’s circle back to the initial question – how can I prove magick or magic is real? As a beginner, what must I do to affirm the existence of magic? Aleister Crowley, founder of Thelema and a renowned occultist defines magick as “the science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with will.” This brings chaos magick – and sigil magick – into the mix.

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