Candles and Candle Holders for the Spring Witch

Spring is the season of rebirth; the time for flowers to bloom, the time of the Maiden, the time of Ostara, the time to start anew. Now is the hour for witches to fill their homes with all the candles and candle holders that are associated with the springtime. It can be confusing to know which candles would embody the season of rebirth, and that is what this list is dedicated to do: to help a witch discover a few candles that will provide the appropriate scents, colors, and design she will need to fill her spring home. Remember that candles are more than just an aesthetic to have; the candle itself has simple powers such as cleansing the home of negative energy, becoming the gateway that channels the communication between you and your god(s), and has the power to channel spells and rituals. You do not need to get a special type of candle that is filled with earth, herbs, crushed berries, etc. The important part of choosing the candles that align with springtime is mostly about color, scent, and the symbolism of what they represent. A witch will want her home to be welcoming to spring, allowing the home itself to become a part of nature.


In general, Spring is a time in which the Earth is blessed with the water that has left the surface in order to provide the energy necessary for the rebirth of the Earth itself. This scented candle, by 1803 Candles, captures the scent and spirit of the spring rain in their Spring Rain scented candle. This bottle of rain magic contains the scent of the pitter-patter of the rain outside, without the risk of getting the home itself wet. The color blue symbolizes the element of water, the key component to any life on Earth. The element water is associated with replacement and renewal. The water that falls from the sky is replacing the water that has already left the Earth; and once that water reaches the Earth, it gives the planet a renewal life essence. Moving onto the scent, one is reminded of the smell of refreshing and clean rain on an afternoon drizzle. Inviting this scent into your home will bring the element of water into the house and help to wash away the negative and old energies; and as a result, bring in a torrent of new and positive energy. Spring is the season for new beginnings, so incorporating the element of water into your home will be essential for flourishing your abode with new energies. The benefit to this for spells and rituals is that it will cleanse the air of the home of any residual energy that has been created by doing day to day chores, casting spells, rituals, etc. 

There are no rules about candles having to be big which can occupy space and leave less room around the house. Candles can vary from size and shape depending on the area that the witch wants to place them. Keep in mind that for some witches, they will not have an altar on a table: kitchen witches might have the altar in a small area of the kitchen, a green witch might have it outside in a part of her garden, and many other types of witches will have different locations for their altars. This is why the candles by YMING are great, especially for the Spring. Scented Travel Tin Candles comes with a set of 5 different springtime scents: lavender, vanilla bee, coral rose, lemon verbena & mandarin, and spring fresh. Keep in mind that these are small, tin candles that make it very space-friendly. You will be able to place these candles in just about any nook and cranny. With this set, you will have different scents and colors to embody the different elements of Spring. Lavender symbolizes spiritual growth or cleansing, which is perfect for spiritual development during the rebirth season. Vanilla beans symbolize vitality, which can be good for revitalizing any living being in your home (yourself, pets, plants, etc.) similar to how flowers will bloom in the Spring. Roses symbolize peace, which will help fill the air of your home with peaceful scents to ward off negative energy during the season. Lemons and mandarins symbolize happiness, which is ideal for the season in which the flowers and trees are in full bloom, radiating happiness for all living creatures. And finally the spring fresh candle is an embodiment of all the things associated with the Spring season; while the other candles will have more effect of its specific trait, this candle emcompasses all the elements that coincide with the season of rebirth.

Another candle that helps bloom a witch’s home into spring is the Fresh Cut Roses by Yankee Candles. The previous candle set included a small tin candle with the scent of roses; however, this candle is ideal to capture the effect of roses. Let’s remember that roses symbolize peace as well as love. Not only does this candle have a very accurate smell of roses, it also has the proper color. Pink is the color that symbolizes love and peace (as mentioned before), honor, and especially healing. Upon opening the jar that this enormous candle is encased in, the smell of this candle will instantly fill a witch with calming energies; and once it is lit, will flourish her home into a den of roses. The benefit of this particular candle is its longevity. You can light this candle as periodically as you want and still have a lot of wax to burn through. Even if you were to light it every day for a few hours, you could make this candle last throughout the entire Spring if need be. We ourselves have had this candle since September of 2019, and we have barely made it to half of the candle wax. This makes it ideal for multiple sessions of rituals, esbats, casting spells, and even performing simple candle magic.

Candle Holders

Candles are not the only thing a witch should consider getting for the springtime. Candle holders are also an item that can go with your spring candles. While your candles will have symbols and colors associated with them, having candle holders with spring imagery will be able to imbue your candles with more of the elements that they embody.

Candleholders do not have to be exactly big or extravagant, they can be small or even simple. The Fine Porcelain Bunny Candle Holder by Cosmos is a great example of how something that is small and simple, can still hold a lot of symbolism and power for the candle you light. While I have mentioned that Spring is a time for rebirth and bloom, it is also a time of fertility, this goes for both plants and animals alike. Plants will spread their spores that other living beings will spread or the plants themselves will spread their seeds onto the fertile ground itself in order to sprout new plants just like how many animals will begin to reproduce during the spring. The rabbit itself is a symbol of fertility as when rabbits mate, they give birth to many lives. To have a rabbit as your candleholder for your candle is imbuing it with the charge of fertility. This can be great when casting spells related to growth such as growing plants and herbs, physical growth, spiritual growth, etc.

A very good type of candle holder for the spring would be Candleholder Wood Box with Ferns and Mixed Flowers by National Tree Company. This wooden box filled with decorated variety of flowers is a perfect element to include for the spring season. This candle holder will only hold pillar type candles. Although the flowers in this package are artificial and not natural, it still embodies the symbolism behind spring, which is rebirth. Having a variety of different flowers and herbs are beneficial to capture the spirit of rebirth, as this is the season in which many flowers bloom and are at the best time to harvest for rituals, spells, and esbats. Remember that your candle is the gateway between the mundane and the magical realm; which means, having the imagery related to the wheel of the year will empower that gateway even further. You could take this idea even further and dig out the artificial plants placed inside, and replace it with a variety of real flowers and herbs in order to infuse more powerful symbols of spring onto your candle holder; which in turn, empowers your candle. 

These are but a few candles and candle holders that will work excellent for the spring season. Candles do not have to be anything complicated with herbs, berries, and seeds in the wax. It can be as simple as any candle by any brand; what matters most, is the intention of the candle, the symbolism behind the smell and colors, and the use of the candle. The candle holders are the same, as long as it has the same symbols as the candles, then the effect will intensify. Have a merry and fruitful spring and fill your home with the spirit of spring. Blessed be.

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