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Within the span of 24 hours, we spend about an average of 8-11 hours in the bedroom, giving peace and rest to our body, soul and mind. This is important to a witch because she must have full energy in order to go throughout her daily rituals: spell casting, garden tending, etc. Even though the day is the time when a witch is able to charge and imbue magic into objects or even herself, once the day draws to an end, a witch must retreat to her bedroom to rest. All witches spend some time in their bedroom for many reasons: sleeping, resting, casting, and even expelling their spiritual energy through dreaming. This is the perfect time to take advantage of the residual energy that resides in the bedroom and channel it into one’s body. Although it may seem a little bizarre, having a bedroom that coincides with elements that a witch associates with or wants to draw power from is beneficial to the mind and spirit. This helpful guide will show you how different items placed in the bedroom can not only be very beneficial to a witch, but also transform the room with some witchy decor ideas.


For witches and non-witches alike, they all sleep about five to nine hours a night, meaning that is how much time is being spent in bed. Many would believe that once the witch finishes her day, she will go to sleep and do nothing but rest. While this is of course true, there is one other thing that she can do while she sleeps, and that is charging her body and mind with elements portrayed on the bedding. This might sound bizarre, but consider for a moment how powerful symbols are imagery is to the world of witchcraft. If a witch were to have a symbol associated with her as bedding for the bed she sleeps in, she is charging and blessing said bed with the image. Each image on the bedding will vary in not only the icon used, but also the elements, symbolisms, and power that is drawn from each symbol.

The moon is an important symbol for the Goddess Hecate as well as the phases that magic goes through. Since most witches sleep at night, they sleep under each phase of the moon every night, following through completion until the lunar cycle repeats. This bedding is a reflection of the moon and its various phases, with the witch sleeping on or under the reflection through this bedding. Having this bedding will help her be constantly aware of the cycles of the moon as the imagery will always be present. Upon going to sleep each night, each lunar phase will be reflected onto the bedding itself and will infuse and capture energy for the witch during the times of growth, as well as release/dispel old and negative energy during times of waning. Having this bedding is a form of giving an offering to Hecate as you are showing devotion by sleeping with not only the image of a moon, but the different phases the moon goes through. 

You do not need to get bedding that symbolizes a specific god or a specific symbol, your bedding could be as simple as a pattern of arranging flowers. Flowers are a product of the Earth and from the Earth, are different powers. Flowers have different associations linked to them, and most of them are very useful for cooking, healing, and spell casting. Although this bedding does not have a specific flower that it is symbolizing, the important concept to understand is the dedication and offering to the Earth itself. Just as witches are a product of the Earth, so too are the flowers; and by sleeping under the image of a flower, you are paying tribute to the Earth we live in. This will charge your body and soul with Earth magic, magic that connects a witch to the Earth. With this charge, a witch may find herself having more luck with her garden, or the harvest come harvest time.

This Gothic bedding is one filled with a lot of imagery, especially the important balance of all living creatures; life and death. In the realm of magic, there exists two eternal concepts- life: that which sprouts from the Earth and is given form. Death: that which has passed on and returned to the Earth to make way for the next sprouts. This bedding can be very powerful because to accept that Death is an important and unavoidable part of the cycle of life, is to understand magic as well. All flowers, herbs, magical meals, spells, and life itself will come to an end; and understanding that balance helps a witch become more in tune with what she is focused on. Sleeping with the image of the Eternal Balance imbues the witch with balance in her life and will allow her to be collected and more understanding about her spells, rituals, faith, and many more.

This Pagan decor bedding contains the very iconic image of the Sun and the Moon; in Wicca, the Sun represents the God and the Moon represents the Goddess. The reason why this is so memorable and iconic is because both the Sun and the Moon are associated with different attributes. In an image like this, the attributes come together to form one whole being that embodies both the attributes of the Sun and of the Moon. This is a union that symbolizes life, understanding, empathy, and completeness. A witch that sleeps under this image will benefit her mind and soul by filling her with the blessing of the union. All witches embody both attributes of the Sun and Moon but some attributes are greater depending on the affinity that the witch herself identifies with. A witch that sleeps under the image of the Sun and Moon will benefit her mind and soul by balancing the attributes connected to both Sun and Moon. This balance will keep the attributes from overshadowing one another, will improve the attributes least associated with, and will overall allow emotional balance to the body.


Having a bedding with the image that you want to channel through is not the only way to bring magic into your bedroom because there is another element that you can add; which is light. Light alone grants so much power through sight, warmth, blessings, etc. Light is another way to charge a witch with magical energy that will replenish her so long as the light is present. Light has other effects on everyone depending on the kind of light that is illuminating the room; for instance, a bright, white light in the room will make one be more work oriented and focused while a warm, yellow light invites one to relax and rest. Another important thing to keep in mind is not only the kind of light that is illuminated, but also the imagery of the light itself can be powerful; as they say, an image or name alone can grant one so much magic and power.

Magic and power are found everywhere, such as how I mentioned before about how flowers have magical properties, magic can be found within stones themselves. Different stones emit different magical properties and have various uses. In this instance, the Nature Amethyst Crystal Stone Lights is a great imagery for the amethyst stone. Amethysts are known to have the magical power of spiritual protection and having the ability to ward off negative or chaotic emotions. This is very important for any witch to have in her bedroom as when she is at her most tired or entered in the sleeping state, this becomes a platter for any negative energies to feast upon the witch’s spirit. This is not to say that if you do not have these rocks this will absolutely happen, only that it is a possibility. What is very good about these stone lights is not only the imagery of the amethyst, but also the warm, subtle lights in the pattern of fairy lights. Having this pattern allows a witch to arrange the lights into the form of a sigil (we recommend forming a spiritual protection sigil to amplify the amethyst’s power) or to wrap the lights around her altar, her desk, her bed, etc. 

In previous posts, we have mentioned how important it is to blend your home with nature such as growing your indoor or outdoor garden, decorating the home with nature imagery, etc. To invite nature is demonstrating the symbol of union between humans and nature, as well as a medium for light; the Willow Twig Lighted Branch is a good way to highlight the union of nature and the inside of your home. The photo provided shows how the willow twigs are bunched together, imitating a tree; which is a very powerful image to invoke in your home. Trees are the representation of many things: The Earth that we share many living things with, the nature that exists and governs all life, and the years of wisdom and suffrage. This is a powerful symbol to invite into your home as it will help strengthen your connection to Mother Nature and help to invoke wisdom in your life. The lighting alongside this is not too bright, casting a dim, warm light.

Sometimes it is best to go with the classical aesthetic of the witchyaesthetic simply because of the long held tradition of certain lightings. The Vela Lanterns are perfect for bringing the perfect lighting with a classic witchy aesthetic. Traditionally, witches would use candles or lanterns in order to provide light during the setting of the sun in order to stay active during the night. Not only does this lantern capture the classic look, but it also provides a range of different colors of glass in which the light will emit for your room. Colors also hold power and can provide different effects depending on the outcome you want the lantern to emit. While the other lightings might be brighter than this lantern, this lantern offers multiple shades of colors (you have to ultimately decide which colored glass you want) and it infuses a witch with a classical energy that has been lingering for many ages. 

When it comes to finding the right bedding or the right lighting, remember that there is no definitive item that you must get, the only important concept to remember is intention and symbolism. All the listed items on this list are just to highlight but a few products that invoke such symbolism that you are inviting into your home. It must be you that can connect to the image that you want to display. A few questions to consider whether an image should be placed into your home could be: How does this symbol relate to me or my gods? What does the symbol evoke? how will the symbol/lighting affect me? So long as the image holds power for you, do what you will. Blessed be.

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  1. I have a friend who’s into witches, and I’m looking for gifts that I could give her in the future. I like your suggestion of looking for gothic-themed bedding that can fill her room with appropriate imagery. I’ll be sure to consider this once her birthday arrives next year.

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