A Modern Witch’s Guide to Spell Casting

An essential practice of any witch is knowing how to cast spells. A spell is nothing complicated or even just reserved for the realm of magic, it is a simple prayer or a wish. Anytime you have either prayed, wished for something, or even wanted something very much, that is you casting a spell itself! The only major difference with a wish and a proper spell is the energy and power that is put into casting the spell as well as a ritual used to direct that energy into the spell. Most spells are done through rituals on her altar or during esbats. For someone who is just beginning to learn about witchcraft, they will eventually want to learn how to cast a spell. Casting a spell is rather simple and not complicated like how the media portrays it. The most important things that a witch must have throughout the spell casting process are intention, integrity and faith.

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A Guide to Basic Pagan Rites and Rituals for the Modern Witch

When people think of conducting a ritual, there is usually some hesitation on account of intimidation – don’t be afraid or intimidated. The knowledge required to connect to the Earth and to your gods is instinctual and already within you – it just needs to be activated. As with all things, practice makes perfect, and practice makes confident. There are many elements to consider when planning out a ritual (and we will delve into many of them) but first let’s get some general things out of the way:

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