How to Find Your Patron Deity?

The world of witchcraft can be one of mystery and confusion, especially when it comes to worshiping a patron deity. Some believe that the Gods of old and new exist, others believe that there are only two Gods: the God and Goddess. This guide/FAQ is to help modern witches and new followers of Wicca to understand how to worship the God and Goddess as well as choosing the patron deity that best represents the Gods to each witch.

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How to Make an Offering to the Universe

Maybe you haven’t decided on a deity yet. Maybe you haven’t felt the right call or connection. Maybe you believe nature itself is divine. Or maybe you just don’t believe in deity and instead wish to connect with the universe in a deep and meaningful way. No matter the reason, this guide exists to help you see new ways to dedicate yourself to the universe. 

How to Make an Offering to the Universe?

As a modern witch you might find yourself muttering, “okay. I know I want to make an offering, but everywhere I turn I see people talking about pouring wine as libations or leaving other food offerings such as milk, fruit and nuts onto the Earth. There is only one jungle within miles of me, and that is the concrete jungle, so what is there for me to do?” I get that. Trust me. Every day the longing to offer something concrete to the Universe gets you, and every day you feel frustrated about not making the time, not having the right means and resources. So many witches give up entirely because it all seems too expensive and all about consumption. But if you think about it, though, hyper-consumption is antithetical to nature and Earth loving beliefs. Loving the Earth means wanting to protect it and keep it safe, and overloading it with more plastics and wastes couldn’t be further from that ideal.

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Witchy Spring Essentials: Best Crystals for Healing

The upcoming Imbolc and Ostara mark crucial points of time in the Wheel of the Year. The coming of spring is an important time that sets the stage for your entire year – not just physically, but psychologically and spiritually as well. This is why, even if you aren’t interested in rituals or complicated spellwork, to imbue magical energy into our sacred living space, and there is no better time for that than now. Planting the seeds of intention are crucial in reaping the rewards that will come as time passes into the cooler months later on through the year. Setting the right intentions, and inviting the right type of energy into your home are all important elements of “spring cleaning.” 

Why not imbue your spring cleaning with a little witchy aesthetic and magic? Read on for our top picks!

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Cost Effective Altar Ideas for the Budding Witchling

What is an altar?

Altars are the points on earth where the physical and spiritual meet, where the metaphysical and the concrete are united in a tangible space. Searching across the internet and the wide array of books available points to many possible items that could grace your altar – from athames, to god and goddess statues, candles, pentagrams and many other items – and these are great, but for many of us, space is not as readily available, the budget isn’t unlimited, our lifestyles don’t accommodate due to travel or other requirements, among many other circumstances. For example, for some people it is simply not possible to have a full altar on display because of living conditions – family and roommates certainly complicate things! Whatever your reason, know that altars don’t need to be elaborate or costly to be effective. Altars can be your main places of worship, meditative and reflective corners, creative outlets, places to communicate with and honor deities, or just places you visit to connect with nature or even yourself. Altars are, in a sense, magical points that allow us to communicate with the world beyond that which we see in our day to day lives. As with all magical endeavors, the more personalized and specific the elements on your altar, the more you can hope to get out of it.

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