What is a Witch’s Garden And How to Grow One?

A Witch’s Garden is a space where magic and nature meet. These types of gardens are focused on having the key herbs and spices that a witch will be using for her rituals, magical meals, or other related matters. Alongside growing selected herbs and spices, a witch will also work with her gods/goddesses or work with a different god that is related to harvest in order to produce herbs with the best magical results. Just like an altar to the gods, a garden altar will include the gods as well as imagery of growth, fertility, and nourishment. This altar would be the intermediary between her and nature, a bridge to connect a witch to the Earth. Most garden altars are rather simple and could just include a mossy rock, or if it is indoors one can collect different elements of nature and group them together (bundle of rocks, fallen leaves, clump of earth, etc.). In addition to a witch’s garden, there is also the concept of involving the elements of the Earth: Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire. A witch can entirely focus on one element and have the herbs and spices related to that element or have a balance of all four or just the ones that she wants to focus on.

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