Witchy Spring Essentials: Best Crystals for Healing

The upcoming Imbolc and Ostara mark crucial points of time in the Wheel of the Year. The coming of spring is an important time that sets the stage for your entire year – not just physically, but psychologically and spiritually as well. This is why, even if you aren’t interested in rituals or complicated spellwork, to imbue magical energy into our sacred living space, and there is no better time for that than now. Planting the seeds of intention are crucial in reaping the rewards that will come as time passes into the cooler months later on through the year. Setting the right intentions, and inviting the right type of energy into your home are all important elements of “spring cleaning.” 

Why not imbue your spring cleaning with a little witchy aesthetic and magic? Read on for our top picks!


The use of crystals for healing, love and health is very popular. You don’t have to be a Wiccan, witch, or occultist of any sort to use crystals or keep them around your house. Crystals are just another element of nature that contain magical energy (this magical energy can be found in rocks, flowers, and trees as well, just in different concentrations and proportions) and what is really cool about them is that they can be charged. 

Remember: You don’t have to use crystals if you don’t wish to or don’t consider them part of your practice. If you are a budding witchling or Wiccan wondering, are crystals crucial to my practice? The answer would be a resounding, NO!

Crystals are a tool of nature that can be considered to hold divine energy (the same divine energy held in all things of the Earth), to hold personal intention, or they can simply be beautiful objects that charge you with feelings of positivity. An important thing to remember, as with all things of this nature, if you go into it with the idea that this is ridiculous or nonsensical, you take away the power these crystals can give you. Mental energy is incredibly powerful.

How Can I Charge My Crystals?

Confused about what “charging” means? Well, Earth’s magical phenomena all have varying properties and energies and to make the most use of them, we can leave out elements to charge and absorb some of that energy that we can then use in our rituals and spell-work, or just to supply us with a certain elemental energy around the house or upon our altars. These phenomena can be anything and everything really – new moons, full moons, solar eclipse, lunar eclipse, and thunderstorms, among many other things. Simply leave your object of choice outdoors while you’re asleep or going about your day, and let the magic happen.

Best Springtime Crystals:

  • Rose Quartz

This one comes as no surprise – rose quartz is a gorgeous rosy pink crystal. It is known to be associated with love, compassion and emotional intensity. Why is this our first pick for a springtime crystal? Well, whether you are looking to let love into your life this year or to get in tune with your emotions in some meaningful way, this crystal is right for you. Yes, rose quartz is connected with love, beauty, desire and peace, and so you might be looking at this and frowning at how shallow it all appears?

Well, give us a second here. “Love” does not have to be about romantic love, it can be about friendship or familial bonds and healing the estranged ones. Perhaps, no greater application exists for the rose quartz at this time of year and at the beginning of a new decade than that for self-love. Despite it being 2020, the pressure to conform has never been stronger, aided greatly by social media, and as such, the need for self-love and care is greater than ever. If you follow the chakra philosophy, rose quartz is crucial as it is linked to the heart chakra.

In short, rose quartz is your key to absolute peace and inner harmony and tranquility this spring.

  • Fluorite

Fluorite is a gorgeous crystal that comes in various shades of green and teal.

It is another powerful crystal to add to your collection (or one to start your collection) this spring. On the topic of self-love and healing, fluorite is immensely powerful and useful as it is known to absorb, neutralize and cleanse anxiety, negativity and stress. Because fluorite is a splendid neutralizer, it is highly recommended to use for any grounding exercises, or to be used in or around your magick circle, to aid in visualization exercises, or to help with meditation. Fluorite is key in helping you achieve mental or intellectual concentration, a balance in your relationships, and provide order to the chaos of your thoughts, ideas, and emotions. This is a great meditation aid – it would be a lovely idea to sit down with it, focus on your breathing, and declare your affirmations: I am releasing the stresses that bind me to a place of chaos. I am calm, resilient and competent. 

Fluorite is the perfect crystal to help neutralize negative energies, anxiety, and bad vibes in general – key for achieving good mental health this 2020.

  • Moonstone

Moonstone is a gemstone that looks celestial and heavenly. And that is indeed no accident – moonstones are magical gemstones that mark the energy of new beginnings and signal the changing cycles of life. How appropriate, right? Moonstones have metaphysical properties that are as mysterious as their captivating appearance. They are linked with the moon, and the moon is incredibly important because it is one of our most direct links to the processes of the Earth (through the Earth Mother Goddess). Women especially will get a lot out of this moonstone because of their inherent and direct connection to the moon (which is most closely associated with the Goddess). Men, fear not! The moonstone can bring you balance and tranquility like nothing else. More than anything else, this is a gemstone for reflection and introspection – and there is no better time for self-evaluation and growth than at the start of the decade. Moonstone is associated with intuition, mystery, knowledge, confidence, tranquility and wisdom – all wonderful things to arm ourselves with this 2020.

Crystals are powerful tools to bring about balance, use in ritual work and spellwork, or use as tools to harness and concentrate our own energies. Whatever your reasons for working with crystals, remember that they can be incredibly potent and can kick-start your goals (may those be pertaining to love, abundance, self-reflection or wealth).  What crystals do you like to use?
Blessed be.

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